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Company Profile

OTM, an important production company that fully represents the success and development of Italian thermoplastics manufacturing, was founded in Milan in 1957 by the Cometti family, now in its third generation, which continues to run and manage the company.
Due to the usual problems of space encountered by expanding companies in big cities, OTM firstly moved to Burago Molgora and then Aicurzio, both small industrial centres in the Milan hinterland.

Rapid company development, due to a market evolving towards the use of packaging and protection in plastic materials, steadily encouraged OTM to invest in research and experimentation.
This enabled the company to expand its production and assert itself, both in Italy and in numerous countries abroad, with an ever increasing range of products created and manufactured with the precise objective of offering the most advanced products capable of considerably reducing packaging costs and increasing safety guarantees.

The result was also possible due to the constant, attentive technological updating of our vast range of presses with a capacity of between 25 and 600 tons, as well as our department dedicated to mould production.
Last, but not least, of the factors composing the success of OTM, we would like to emphasise our attention to quality, something which is guaranteed by our certifications.

The vast range of OTM brand products today enables us to satisfy all the multiple and various needs of the industry in all its production sectors.

In fact, OTM produces and proposes exclusive "ad hoc" protection systems that enable the manufacturing of made to measure protective packaging capable of constantly guaranteeing minimum clutter and maximum safety.

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